What is QT?

QT is an online collection of surveys, forms, checklists and questionnaires, many of them interactive, designed for a wide variety of purposes:

Annual certifications

Data collection

Feedback forms

Quality control and compliance checklists

Appraisal forms

The quality control and compliance checklists are derived from the CheckQ product previously available as a stand-alone Windows system in the BBS/2020 products - Forms Letters and Tools and Tax Tips and Tools - featuring PAYEQ, VATQ, ITAXQ, ACCOUNTSQ, CTAXQ and BTAXQ (see below for more detail).

Why was it developed and why use QT?

Checklists are really useful to ensure all aspects of an assignment are covered – but often the checklists are lengthy, which is off-putting) and many of the sections may be “not applicable”. In paper based systems, completion still requires striking through all the N/A sections – a waste of time and pages of printouts wasted.

The original desktop based software product took these questionnaires and made them interactive-choosing at the beginning which sections could be left out, whilst maintaining an audit trail that they had been considered but were N/A. The online versions take these onto “the cloud” and allow completion from anywhere you have internet access (although you could print them and complete on paper with a client if you so wished!).

The interactive features of the online forms therefore enable the tailoring of the checklists etc. omitting sections that are not relevant to the matter in hand, focussing the attention on the relevant points. This saves time in its completion and the quality control and compliance checklists ensure a consistent and fully systemised service delivery both internally and to clients, as well as the ability to identify additional services that could be provided.


  • Here is a brief overview of the main interactive checklists
  • When reviewing a client’s tax affairs, do you have a standard checklist, or do you rely on each and every team member remembering to ask the “right” questions depending on the client’s circumstances?
  • Personal tax questionnaire (ITAXQ)– over 85 possible questions to consider when reviewing a client’s personal tax affairs. Low income – have you considered tax credits?
  • High income – have you asked about gift aid payments?
  • Capital gain – has client been informed about deferment methods?
  • It is recommended this checklist be completed before the tax return is sent for approval or a meeting arranged. It will highlight the areas that need to be addressed or discussed.
  • Business tax questionnaire (BTAXQ) – similar to ITAXQ but a review of the tax implications in the business…..tailor the questions as necessary for limited companies or unincorporated business.
  • Corporation tax questionnaire (CTAXQ) – a corporation tax review.
  • Accounts questionnaire (ACCOUNTSQ) – be aware this is not a Companies Act disclosure checklist – it is an aide memoire to ensure common and silly mistakes do not happen in the accounts process.
  • Have you ensured personal tax payments have not been posted to wages?
  • Are debtors/creditors stated including or excluding VAT as appropriate?
  • Are the accounts that appear on the balance sheet correct – or should they be a profit and loss item?
  • Use either at draft accounts stage or just before sending the approval accounts.
  • Systems Questionnaire (SYSTEMSQ) – a discussion document for use in a meeting to identify business processes and highlight areas where systems could be changed and improved. This forms the basis of a consultancy with the client and has been proven to lead to significant extra work in implementing new systems and technologies.

Updates and enhancements

  1. Some of the product content will require updates on at least an annual basis (notably the tax questionnaires). These updates are included in your subscription. Updated questionnaires will be made live to replace existing ones as and when required.
  2. let us know any content you would like to see added, and also any feedback and suggestions relating to the existing questionnaires.

Questionnaires/Forms etc

Financial Health-check Questionnaire What financial products might the client want or need advice on?
Confidential Financial Review Form Client background information and fact find for provision of financial services advice
Confidential Financial Review Form – auto enrolment A form to complete in advising the employer regarding an AE scheme
Employer - New Payroll Setup Information A form to collect the information needed to set up a new Employer – either an existing scheme or registering for the first time
New Employee Information A form to collect the information required to set up a new employee on a payroll
Employee- Leaver sheet A form to complete when an employee leaves employment
New Client Information Sheet An interactive form to gather the information needed to create a new practice client
Accounts Preparation Checklist A list of the tasks involved in accounts preparation
Colleague Appraisal A form to obtain feedback from staff on the performance of other staff e.g. staff feedback on partners or managers
Annual ICAEW compliance declarations
Fit and Proper Form
Audit Regulations compliance
Statement of Confidentiality
Statement of Independence
Money Laundering /POCA /Bribery Act awareness compliance
Winning Clients Matters to discuss at a meeting with a potential new client to identify areas where you can “make a difference”
Tough Times Checklist A checklist of areas to consider in the tough economic environment
Customer Care Checklist What are the impressions someone gets when visiting your office? How about your clients? A scale rating form
Adding Value - Accounts An internal review form – how can you be “different” from your competitors yet use the same software?
Seminar Planning Checklist The step by step guide to all things necessary when running a seminar
Personal Affairs Checklist A form for clients to record the location of important documents and other personal information
VATQ VAT Review checklist
PAYEQ PAYE checklist
AccountsQ Accounts quality control review
PtaxQ Personal tax review checklist
BtaxQ Business tax review checklist
SystemsQ Internal systems and procedures fact find
CtaxQ Company tax checklist


All the checklists above are included in your subscription, along with updates and will include any new questionnaires added to the product.

The subscription is payable by direct debit via GoCardless to Docusoft Limited.
Plus VAT
£ 40 .00 /1 Month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited use of questionnaires
Plus VAT
£ 400 .00 /12 Month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited use of questionnaires

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