Employer New Payroll Setup Information (v1.01.16)


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Employer Details

Employer Details
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Payroll details

Does the business already have a PAYE Scheme in place or does it need to be setup?

Payroll Scheme information

You have indicated you are already registered for PAYE. Please let us have:-

(you should be able to find these on PAYE correspondence from HMRC or on the yellow remittance booklet)

Payroll routines

Date payroll processing is to commence

Payroll frequency - how often is the payroll to be run?
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How is payment to be made?
Our bureau service can produce the BACS files and upload to the bank or we can make payments via BACS on your behalf. Ask us for details.

Payslips can be distributed in a number of ways...which way is to be used?

Bank Details (if to be paid by BACS/Giro/AutoPay)

Employer Bank Information
(required if payments are to be processed as part of the payroll function)

Pay Rates and Amounts

If paid hourly, what are the "Standard Hours" per pay period e.g. 37.5 hours
Staff Holiday entitlements

Payroll additions and deductions


What payroll additions and deductions are going to be included in the payroll processing?

What, if any deductions, other than the statutory deductions of PAYE, NI, Student Loans etc may be part of the payroll processing?
Tick all those that may apply

Employers Schemes - auto-enrolment

If you operate (or willl need to operate) an Auto-enrolment scheme please complete the section below.
Auto-enrolment schemes set prescribed minimum levels of contributions and these gradually increase. Rates are

The proposed dates are subject to Parliament approval

What level of contributions are to be made to the Auto-enrolment scheme?

Auto - enrolment - Guidance on categorisation

Rates are for 2017/18

When you start preparing for pensions automatic enrolment, one of your first priorities will be to assess your workforce. You must fully understand which of your employees are eligible for auto enrolment so that you comply with the new legislation.

Worker categories
In order to achieve compliance you will need to categorise your workers into one of three eligibility categories:

1. Eligible Jobholders
This category describes workers that are eligible for automatic enrolment. It applies to employees who are between the qualifying age of 22 and state pension age with earnings that are above the auto enrolment threshold; which currently stands at £10,000.

2. Non-Eligible Jobholders
This category represents employees who are aged 16 to 74 and earning below the £10,000 auto enrolment threshold OR employees aged between the minimum age of 16 and 21 (i.e. under 22) or from state pension age to 74 who are earning above the auto-enrolment threshold. Non-eligible jobholders will not be auto-enrolled; however they can opt into a qualifying scheme where both you and the employee make contributions.

3. Entitled worker
This category covers workers who are aged between 16 and 74 and are earning below the lower threshold; which is currently £5,876. Even though this group of workers will not be automatically enrolled, it is your duty to provide them with information about their right to join a pension scheme. It is worth noting that if an employee that comes under the criteria of this category does want to join a pension scheme it doesn’t need to be a qualifying scheme that complies with auto enrolment and you have no obligation to contribute to it.

Pensions section

Company Pension Scheme / Auto Enrolment Scheme
You have indicated Yes - when will they be eligible to join?

Employers Pension Scheme - non auto-enrolment

Provide details of pension contributions

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