PAYE Declaration

Did you make any "free of tax" payments to an employee? In other words, did you bear any of the tax yourself rather than deduct if from the employee?

As far as you know, did anyone else pay expenses, or in any way provide vouchers or benefits to any of your employees whilst they were employed by you during the year?

Did anyone employed by a person or company outside the UK work for you in the UK for 30 or more days in a row and you did not include them on an RTI return?

Have you paid any of the employee's pay to someone other than the employee, for example to a school, and you did not include this on an RTI return?

Are P11d or P11d(b) forms due? P11d forms are used to return details of benefits in kind such as cars, vans, etc. (Full details on request).

Are you a "service company" and have operated the Intermediaries legislation (sometimes known as IR35) or the Managed Service Companies legislation?

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