Seminar Planning Checklist

Toolkit for planning and running a successful seminar

Proposed Seminar Title and Content

What is the target audience for this seminar?

Do we have a database to select targets to invite?

Do we have a marketing letter/email to send?

Are we going to post or email invites or use online invites e.g. Eventbrite?

Are we going to do telephone follow-ups?

Do we charge or is it “free of charge”?

Joint seminar with another organisation or just ourselves?

Proposed seminar date


Overall Timing (recommend 1.5 hours max)

Chairperson for the seminar?

Speaker Timings

Any refreshments/drinks/nibbles/sandwiches/wine to be provided?

Who will “meet and greet”?

Visual Aids required and who will provide?

Name badges?

What "handouts" are to be made available?

Any Competitions / prizes / "Special Offers" on the day?

Any follow up after the event?

Thank You

You have completed this checklist!

Thank you for taking the time to answer this checklist