SystemsQ - a questionnaire to help identify methodologies and business processes and highlight opportunities to solve issues arising



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Tailoring Questions

Which of the following sections do you want to include in the questionnaire?

Accounting Records and accounts

What accounting records are maintained? If software is used, which product and version number?

What spreadsheets or manual workings are used outside of the main records in conjunction with any of the accounting functions?

What other software is used in running the business? e.g. Booking/reservations forms, diaries, appointments, etc

Does it integrate with the accounting software?

What management reports / management accounts do you produce regularly and how are these done?

What other management information would you find useful, how regularly, and how would you like it presented?

Sales and debtors

Do you produce "Quotes" before making sales?


If you raise quotes how is this done?
Can quotes be easily converted to invoices?

Sales (invoiced)

How are sales invoices produced?

How many sales invoices per month/per annum are produced? (approx)

Are regular recurring invoices produced? If so, what proportion of the total?

How are sales invoices sent to customers?

Are copy invoices printed out and filed? Or are they stored electronically? If so, where are they saved?

Are short stock codes used to produce the full description of the items being sold to save having to input the full narrative each time?

If product codes are used, does this apply to both physical products and services?

Do you send out statements of unpaid bills on a regular basis or do you chase them in other ways e.g. telephone?

If statements are sent, how is this done e.g. posted, emailed?

Retail (Cash) Sales

Do you "balance" cash on a regular basis agreeing the cash in hand to the accounting records?

Do you use any point of sale equipment e.g. tills or other EPOS products? If so, what is used? Does it link with your accounting records?

Sales (generic)

Do you (or could you consider) using direct debit to collect payment from customers? If not, any reason?

Is cashflow ever an issue in your business? Would ad hoc invoice factoring be of interest to generate short term funds?

Do you take credit cards and/or receipts via Paypal?

If yes, how is this done?

If you do accept credit cards, who is the merchant and how much do you pay for transactions and card machine rental?

Purchases and expenses

Approx how many purchase invoices per month/per annum received?

Who enters purchase invoices into accounting records and how often are the processed?

How much time is spent on accounting/bookkeeping?

In approximate % terms how many invoices are received in:-

What do you do with invoices received in electronic format?

How are bills (predominantly) paid?

Do you reimburse business expenses incurred to you or your staff?

How are expense claims prepared and posted to the accounting records?

How are mileage expenses claims calculated/processed?

Bank accounts

How are bank transactions recorded in accounting records?

Are ALL bank transactions recorded - e.g. direct debits and standing orders etc?

Is a "formal" bank reconciliation prepared regularly (or if using cloud software is the balance shown agreed to the bank statements regularly)?

Staffing and Payroll

How many employees do you have in the business?

How is payroll done?

How often do you run the payroll?

How are payslips distributed to staff?

How are staff paid?

What do you use for HR management - recording basic contact details, next of kin, holiday bookings etc?

Do you need to "juggle" staff schedules and if so, how is this done?

Do you or the staff complete timesheets, and if so, how is this done?

Stocks and Work in progress

Do you carry stock of goods or materials?

Stock Management - Do you have any stock control systems in place to monitor e.g. re-order levels, or stock levels and valuations?

Do you have jobs or make goods which take a period of time to complete so that there is "work in progress" at any time?


Do you sell time or need to track time spent on jobs/assignments?

Do you know the profitability of each job/assignment - by monitoring costs and income generated?

Do you use any CRM software?
If so, which, and what is it used for?

Do you need cash flow forecasting, cash management and budgeting?

Do you have any of the following issues with documents/paper in the workplace?

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